What is Copywriting- A concise explanation

what is copywriting

How many times have you seen the real estate billboards promising everlasting comfort, end of all anxieties, and that your wife will never be the same again🤣!? (only if you buy the apartment)


Seen a YouTube ad for a course or training, you must take and that it will transform your life, end all your money-miseries, let you travel the world, work from the beach, your couch, or the hotel room?


An email with the subject line “How I made $87685 in just 14 days…”.

Well, each one of you must have had one on multiple occasions. What is it that is common to all the above texts? Well,

  • The text is stimulating. It intrigues you to make a call to the real estate office or sign up to the free webinar for the course or click on the email to know how to make $87685 in 14 days.
  • The text strikes your pain point(and provides a solution to solve them)
  • It states the benefit that you will get upon taking action.

All the above are examples of copywriting. And it is the copy writer’s job to crafts such words that make people take action.

So, what is copywriting? Let’s start by demystifying the jargon around copywriting. Copy’righting’, ‘content’ writing and ‘Copy’writing.

Well, Copyright is what we see as © at a number of places- in books👇🏻,

copyright example

in the footer of websites👇🏻,

copyright example

Copyrighting is a legal action protected by government law that grants a creator of an original piece the exclusive rights to that piece and its distribution. This protects their work and enables the creator of “intellectual goods” to receive monetary return for their work.”


Content Writing vs Copywriting

Content Writing and Copywriting are way different things. Content is any form of informative media- written, video, images, audio with the purpose to instruct, inform, inspire, influence, entertain a particular set of audience. Content focuses more on engagement and brand awareness through content mediums such as blog posts, YouTube videos, social media and About pages.

“Content is a compilation of information, ideas, and messages that are translated into some kind of written, visual, or audible format for others to consume.”

Kelvin Cain

A copy is a unique content that is written strategically for a single call-to-action. It specifically refers to the content that will educate, inform, motivate, inspire, convince, or persuade a specific set of audience to take a particular action. Copywriting is the art of crafting words for the sole purpose of conversion, says Alexandra Cattoni. It may be a conversion of a cold prospect, a person who might be interested in a particular product or a service, to a lead, a person who starts showing interest in the specific product or service after clicking a Facebook ad and reading the landing page copy, i.e., he becomes a potential customer. It may then convert the lead to a customer by engaging him in an email campaign for a particular product. The email is copy.

copywriting example

Thus, copywriting plays a central role in the customer journey map. It takes the cold prospect from the awareness stage, nurtures him and essentially converts him into a customer who later becomes the advocate of your product.

Copywriting is verbal salesmanship.

Good Copy- The Essentials

Alexandra says, “The best kind of copy uses Storytelling, creates emotional resonance, and builds brand values while guiding the prospect through a valuable buying experience.” That being said, there are three essential traits of a good copy.


A good copy grabs a reader’s attention long enough to guide him to the next step of the buying experience. This is usually done with the help of compelling headlines of a blog post or a sales page, the subject line of an email or the thumbnail of a YouTube video. Reading through the text makes the reader intrigued about learning more about the benefit he’s about to get. If the headline fails to grab attention, the prospect is gone!

Benefit to your prospect

This is the part where the prospect comes to know, “What’s in it for me?” People buy benefit not features. Features are attributes or aspects of your product but the benefits are the value that the product is about to provide. Most of the times your product doesn’t matter as long as you are able to convince the prospect of the desired outcome that he’s about to experience.

features vs benefits

“Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes it’s an ad.”

Howard Gossage

The Call-to-Action

Nothing’s gonna ever work unless you have a strong call-action. A strong call-to-action propels the prospect to take the desired step you wish him to take- A sign-up, buy, call, click. You should be asking your prospect to do one single thing and it should not leave any confusion. See, if you neglect this most important step, none of the persuasion matters. And do not feel shy to repeat your call-to-action a couple of on the page. People tend to forget stuff at great speed unless there is repetition. So if you are writing a long copy, be sure to repeat the call-to-action a number of times.


Some Copywriting Examples for you

1. Rolls Royce- A timeless example

Notice the headline. What David intends to say is that the Rolls Royce is a ‘quiet’ car. But this is the scheme of a prolific copywriter. He manages to grab your attention through the headline.
Notice point no. 5. He says that the engineers use a stethoscope to listen for axle-whine. A masterpiece copywriting example.

2. A video script

video script

A precise example of call-to-action. ☝ Watch -> Click for next step.

3. An email copy

email copy

The above is a sample email copy which is a part of an email campaign to sell a copywrting course. Notice Ramit putting testimonials of his previous students to establish the effectiveness of his course.

4. An ad copy

ad copy

The image explains the components in the ad copy.

5. A Facebook ad copy

facebook ad copy

The above is an example of a Facebook ad drawing the attention of the reader to know “What’s working in SEO.” There is a clear call-to-action button ‘Learn More’ asking the reader to sign up for their free online training. The reader then signs up to the training and from a cold prospect, becomes a lead.

With all the examples above, it must be clear to you what is copywriting. Matter of fact, copywriting isn’t a shady tactic to coax the buyer to buy something. In fact, it is quite the opposite. It helps the buyer by identifying his pain points and solves them using the product. The product must be a solid solution to the buyer’s pain else he’s not gonna return again.

“Clever advertising can convince people to try a bad product once. But it can’t convince them to buy a product they’ve already tried and didn’t like.”

Robert W. Bly

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