Advertisement Examples that will make you go wow!

This is the most essential commodity of the 21st century.

Yes, you read correctly. ‘Attention’ is the most essential commodity of the 21st century. There’s a great demand for your attention everywhere, from the billboards flanking the roadsides to the City Centre to your Facebook, Quora, and Instagram timeline to the little search that you make on Google. Ads have come everywhere because these are the places where most of today’s attention is concentrated on or can be made to focus.

Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows the average amount of time people spend on social sites in their lifetimes.

Average time spent on social media in a lifetime

“Money flows where Attention goes.”

Steven Aitchison

That’s why companies are spending a fortune to get your attention. Through advertisements.

Today we will have a look at some of the most ingenious pieces of commercial advertisement examples that will make you scream wow!

But first, we will see the basic structure of any advertisement. All advertisements use what is called copy. Essentially, any advertisement is a piece of copy, often employing visual elements such as images, graphics, colours that capture the attention of a person. The copy then engages the individual compelling a mental interaction with the advertisement. The image below explains perfectly the elements of an ad.

advertising campaign
Elements of an Advertisement
  • Slogan and Logo: The Logo creates a mental imprint of the brand. It is a visual tool that a brand applies customer to leave an impression on the customer. The next time the customer sees the logo anywhere, he can at once remember the brand he had bought from. The Slogan too serves the same purpose, it is just in textual form.
  • Headline: The headline is the first element that draws your attention. It is what makes the people curious, “Oh! What’s this? Let me see.”
  • Sub-Headline: An elaboration of the headline often giving providing additional information.
  • Body Copy: This part of the advertisement convinces the audience why to spend their buck on the burger. A copy must convey the message and have a clear call-to-action.

Here are 7 Advertisement Examples that will make you go wow!

1. The Audi All-In-One ‘4 key rings’ commercial advertisement

Alfa Romeo + Mercedes + BMW + Volvo = AUDI

This is one of my favourites. It’s short, crisp and makes a definite point. The Headline, “What do you want in a car?” catches the eye of the consumer. Oh! new car, new features!
The copy, Design + Comfort + Safety + Sportiness – All in one car only? The key chains then intersect to make the logo of Audi. Audi here upgrades itself over its competitors combining their features into their own.
You want to look good. You certainly want your car to make you look good, you have spent your hard-earned money. The words design and sportiness seem to enhance your status quo. The safety and comfort convince you that you are not compromising with the most essential features.

Thus, Audi manages to make a deep positive impression on your mind.

2. Rolls Royce Newspaper Advertisement

David Ogilvy nails it!

“You don’t stand a tinker’s chance of producing successful advertising unless you start doing your homework. I have always found this extremely tedious, but there is no way around it.”

— David Ogilvy

Another automobile legend and its classic ad created by the advertising legend David Ogilvy. And as he states above, he really did his homework. He spent 3 weeks studying the car. In an interview, Ogilvy also said that whatever he has written about the car is just simple truths, no fancy words.
It’s the headline that fulfils the purpose.

The noiseless car stands as a symbol of aristocracy, class and opulence for its buyers. We may think of a silent car, but when the engineer says they use a stethoscope to listen for axle whine, the car ought to be silent!

3. Go Pro

Go Pro ad
World’s most versatile camera

GoPro describes itself as the world’s most versatile camera. Its online advertising campaigns are versatile too. It has a huge and highly engaged social following. Its YouTube videos focussing on adventure sports have millions of views.
You can clearly notice the headline, “Make your friends believe in your unreal stories.” The GoPro makes it really very likeable among the youth intriguing to their youthful energy making the enthusiasts ditching the Canons and Sonys and going Pro.

4. Nike

advertisement example

The trailblazer sports brand is also a pro in its advertisements. The above poster instantly draws your attention to the graphic trainers which are in the shape of two lungs. Well, the poster has left you free to draw imports. The image makes the pair appear must for a healthy lifestyle promoting running as a fitness habit. ‘They keep you alive’ meaning that they are as essential as your lungs.

The picture above is Nike Air Max. They also point out that the shoes are as light as air.

5. Band-Aid

Band-aid advert

Band-Aid’s flagship product- its adhesive bandages here appear to heal the US-Cuba relationship wounds.

6. Amul Butter Cookies

Amul Butter cookies contain 25% butter!!

Amul decided to take its competition head-on. In the name of ‘butter cookies’, the brands are simply offering flour cookies containing vegetable oil and a negligible amount of butter(2%, 0.45%). Amul urged on the people to take a look at the butter content of their ‘butter cookies’ by reading the ingredients on their butter cookies packs.

To the users’ shock, most of the cookies contained almost no butter and mostly vegetable oil leaving the buyers to feel almost cheated.

The tweet began to trend and instantly created a demand for Amul Butter cookies amongst the masses.

7. Fevicol

Fevicol advertising campaign

Fevicol, the leader in adhesives, never fails to amuse us with its comical and mind-tickling adverts. This poster is another such instance demonstrating the adhesive strength of Fevicol.

“Making a Fevicol film is always a huge challenge,” says Piyush Pandey, Executive chairman and Creative Director, South Asia Ogilvy and Mather India in “The Making of: Fevicol – Govinda ek, Dahi Handi Anek TVC.” He says about the film, “It has got the color of India, it has got the rawness of Fevicol.”

Stay tuned, more on the way.

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